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Individual Therapy
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People seek individual therapy for different reasons.  Individual therapy is unique and special because there are very few times in life when the attention and focus is 100% on you--your feelings, thoughts, problems, dreams, or life concerns. 

In an atmosphere where safety and trust form the foundation of our therapeutic work, you are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Working together in an authentically non-judgmental space allows you to open up to an empathic and experienced therapist who will ensure that you feel deeply heard and understood.

The word trauma is often overused and can lose its meaning. However, if you have survived such an event, you know how it can affect your life.  This could be in the area of intimate relationships, family issues, or your professional life. Often people who survive traumatic events soothe themselves in ways that create problems of their own, such as: overeating, excessive drinking or drug use, sexually compulsive behaviors, gambling, becoming a workaholic, etc…

Our work puts traumatic events into perspective and can reduce or eliminate unsuccessful ways you have adapted to get by. There is no shame in reaching out to a therapist when you need help.

Together we will find an approach to help you live the fullest and richest life possible.  Your journey begins with our consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you and being there as your therapist.

For more information, contact me for an initial consultation.