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There are many benefits to participating in a professionally run therapy group, which is one of my clinical specialties.

Group therapy is a safe place where members help others, are helped by others, and learn productive ways of relating to others. Groups provide a way to release shameful feelings, regardless of their origins. In group you revisit times when you felt alone, depressed, or isolated, and share these experiences with like-minded members. As you proceed at your own pace, you begin to recognize your emotional blind spots and help fellow members recognize theirs. Working together, you experience being listened to and cared about for who you are.

In my groups each person is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of other members. Such boundaries allow you to safely share your concerns and issues. In addition, sessions are scheduled the same time each week to create continuity and consistency within the group.

Group therapy is a cost-effective method of getting help--usually half the price of individual sessions. While it is not a requirement for group members to be in individual therapy, the greatest benefits come if you have had some individual counseling and have taken steps towards self-awareness.

To learn more about participating in one of my therapy groups, contact me to arrange a consultation.