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Past pain and hurt often prevent a relationship from developing to its fullest potential. Often, unresolved issues fester and can be toxic for any couple, straight or gay. In an atmosphere where safety and confidentiality are paramount, couples are invited to discuss what ails their relationship. In couple therapy with me trust forms the foundation of effective therapy, allowing us to focus on the emotional and physical needs of both partners.

As your therapist, I know how important it is to help each of you feel heard and understood by the other. This is often challenging when hurt and pain impede one's ability to listen and understand. In a non-judgmental atmosphere, tender and vulnerable feelings can be talked about, addressed and resolved. Issues such as finances and sexuality are explored with compassion and understanding. No issue is considered insignificant if it impacts your relationship.

Feeling safe in couple therapy sets the frame for authentic emotional communication. Slowly, both partners are encouraged to express their hopes and dreams for their relationship.

How you choose to proceed once the work begins is up to both of you. Let us work together in a place of safety, trust, and compassion to allow your relationship to deepen and flourish.

To begin this process, contact me for an initial consultation.